Sage Hayes, SEP, LMT, RYT

Sage offers a unique integrated approach to therapeutic change and transformation.  Offering Somatic Experiencing (SE), craniosacral therapy and massage, Sage facilitates thoughtful reflection and embodied change particular to each client's intentions.  

Somatic Experiencing, craniosacral therapy and intuition are favorite modalities in my practice.  They identify places within the body-mind relationship that are stuck in habits which are not serving you and then gently restore them back into coherence with a greater sense of health, choice and peace.  

Current professional development interests facilitating workshops which thoughtfully heal collective trauma, foster relational trust and connections, reduce fear and increase peace.   

With each client, Sage brings a holistic perspective which can explore multigenerational trauma inheritance, cultural contexts and practices, and ongoing adaptation to oppression and an unsteady world.  Social and systemic inequality, prejudice, and discrimination produce stress, a physiological state of threat and danger, and an ongoing hypervigilance or disassociation for those in non-dominant groups.  As we work to create a more just world on the outside through policy, education, and mass change, Sage believes we must each simultaneously do our inner work to clear internalized social trauma.  

important personal influences on my work:

  • Pronouns: she/he/they - whatever your experience is of me and it can change over time
  • Trans identified since 1999, queer/gay identified since 1988
  • Adopted and foster care experience
  • White and gently exploring both family lineages
  • Grew up middle class
  • Self-employed
  • Deep reverence for love, justice, evolution and liberation

Major influences in my practice:

  • My clients and all they have taught me about courage, grit and transformation
  • Biodynamic craniosacral philosophy and practices
  • Shamanic teachings and practices
  • Somatic Experiencing - theoretical underpinnings and skills of practice 
  • Family and Systemic Constellations + Playback Theater
  • Social change workers and liberation theory
  • Social and physiological thinkers and frontiers of non-binary evolution
  • Quantum physics 
  • 5 Rhythms teachings and ecstatic dance communities
  • Sacred feminine wisdom, teachers and practices
  • Energy and vibrational medicine wisdom keepers
  • Intuition in all its forms

Current Projects:

  • Writing a book. Working title: Quantum Conditions for Transformation, Practitioners at the Frontiers of Evolution
  • Participant in Francesca Mason Boring's All My Relations Family Constellation Facilitator Training
  • Assisting Somatic Experiencing trainings:  Perth & Brisbane, Australia + Golden, Colorado
  • Somatic Experiencing Introduction Workshop Presenter
  • Workshop facilitator:  Creating Safer Spaces for Helping Professionals, In Between the Lines - A workshop on resonance, attunement and intuition
  • Private practice in Maine and Skype  
  • Research Paper in process:  A Somatic Experiencing® Informed Therapeutic Group for the Care and Treatment of Biopsychosocial Impacts of a Gender Diverse Identity

Embodied Liberation

Embodied Liberation is an invitation for ALL people and systems into embodied inquiry towards illumination, reconciliation and resolution of historic and current social and economic trauma.  Identifying these broader influences is a necessary process towards understanding why things are the way they are, inside and out.  We can and must shift our vantage point from our mental health and life 'issues' being merely personal and isolated towards an enormously broader view of social-environmental influences.  

Paying attention to how sexism, abuse, homophobia, racism, classism and other products of our 'dominance culture' are internalized into our bodies can create entryways to unpacking the affects of ongoing, repetitive social oppression on our state of health and wellness.  In this light, we can begin to detoxify, externalize and discharge more 'survival' adrenaline which has become locked up in our physiology and come into much deeper states of health, balance and freedom within, and with each other.  Utilizing these understandings, Sage educates clients about social trauma and the body, normalizes depression and anxiety within a nervous system context, and provides tools for self-regulation and physiological empowerment.  

somatic experiencing Background

After graduating from massage school in 2006 in Maine, Sage moved across the country to study Somatic Experiencing in the Bay Area with Ariel Giarretto, Raja Selvam, Steve Hoskinson and Kathy Kain (2006-2009).  Sage has assisted Somatic Experiencing trainings for the past 7 years in Peterborough, NH, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Chester and Southbury, CT,  San Francisco, Chicago, Perth and Brisbane Australia.  

Sage currently maintains a private practice integrating bodywork, somatic experiencing and craniosacral work in Portland, Maine.

earlier background

While on the West Coast studying Somatic Experiencing, Sage lived and worked as the Director of Student Affairs at the Heartwood Institute near the Redwoods in Garberville, CA.  At Heartwood, Sage also studied biodynamic craniosacral therapy with two wonderful teachers, Margaret Rosenau and Marshal Amini Peller.  

Sage Hayes, Director of Student Affairs, Heartwood Institute, 2008

Sage speaking at PechaKucha, Maine

Sage speaking at PechaKucha, Maine

Before pursuing bodywork and SE, Sage worked for the Maine Youth Action Network and the Muskie Institute as a training specialist, working with young people and advocacy.  Sage spent a speck of time working for the State of Maine Community Health program getting a more macro vantage point of public health policy and programming. First moving to Maine in 1999, Sage landed the famous job of Education and Outreach Coordinator for Outright, an organization dedicated to GLBTQ youth.  


In 1996 Sage graduated with a B.S. in Community Development from the University of New Hampshire. At UNH, Sage created the Wellness Project, a 10-week holistic wellness program for specific populations of students to explore holistic health and self-care.  During college, Sage lived in Washington, D.C. for 2 years to intern with Public Allies, coordinating their 2nd Annual Tomorrow's Leaders Today at the White House.  The next year Sage became an Ally with the Public Allys' apprenticeship program for young people making social change and worked at the After School Kids Program, a mentoring program out of Georgetown University, for juvenile offenders on probation.

Sage grew up in rural Charlestown, RI and then moved to South Kingstown, RI for teenage years.  Growing up in Rhode Island gifted Sage with love of both ocean and woods.   Sage currently splits time between time between Maine, North Carolina and the rest of the world.   

On the side, Sage is a DJ at Portland Community Dance, is a dedicated power yogi, and loves to travel.