Courage and Capacity: Somatics and Social Justice


Embedded in the social engagement system in our biological quest for safety and an implicit biological imperative to connect and co-regulate our physiological state with another.  How we look at each other is a critical feature of this capacity to connect. Subtle cues of understanding, of shared feelings, and of intent are conveyed.”

 - Dr. Stephen Porges 


How can somatic practitioners successfully meet the realities of clients who endure chronic social and economic trauma? 

How do we enhance practitioner capacity to create safer treatment environments which increase opportunities for attunement with clients who experience marginalization such as racism, nationalism, classism, homophobia, sexism and/or ableism?

This workshop explores elements of practice for practitioners which can support somatic empowerment, healing and liberation.

During this workshop we’ll utilize tools of somatic experiencing, systemic constellations and the collective intelligence of the group to dive deeper into what it means to create conditions for therapeutic liberation.

We’ll focus on elements of practice which:

  • Increase conditions of safety necessary to explore and unwind impacts of social trauma with clientsHelp clients connect with their innate wholeness underneath adaptive protective mechanisms, chronic stress and suffering kept in place by chronic social trauma

  • Support appropriate and productive ‘fight and flight’ responses to social trauma

  • Normalize the freeze response as an appropriate coping mechanism to the chronic ‘inescapable attack’ of social trauma

Location: School of Inner Health, 7550 W. Yale Ave, Ste. B-204 Denver, CO 80227

Registration: $110

REGISTER: https://bit.ly/2RAwvsi