Courage and Capacity: Somatics and Social Justice
2:00 PM14:00

Courage and Capacity: Somatics and Social Justice

How can somatic practitioners successfully meet the realities of clients who endure chronic social and economic trauma? 

How do we enhance practitioner capacity to create safer treatment environments which increase opportunities for attunement with clients who experience marginalization such as racism, nationalism, classism, homophobia, sexism and/or ableism?

This workshop explores elements of practice for practitioners which can support somatic empowerment, healing and liberation.

During this workshop we’ll utilize tools of somatic experiencing, systemic constellations and the collective intelligence of the group to dive deeper into what it means to create conditions for therapeutic liberation.

We’ll focus on elements of practice which:

  • Increase conditions of safety necessary to explore and unwind impacts of social trauma with clientsHelp clients connect with their innate wholeness underneath adaptive protective mechanisms, chronic stress and suffering kept in place by chronic social trauma

  • Support appropriate and productive ‘fight and flight’ responses to social trauma

  • Normalize the freeze response as an appropriate coping mechanism to the chronic ‘inescapable attack’ of social trauma

Therapist, bodyworkers, yoga/movement teachers and somatic educators are invited to this workshop.


Date and time: Feb 23rd, 2-5:30pm Mountain time

Location: School of Inner Health, 7550 W. Yale Ave, Ste. B-204, Denver, CO 80227WORKSHOP: $110


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Deepening Therapeutic Touch Skills
9:30 AM09:30

Deepening Therapeutic Touch Skills

Location: Boulder TBA

Part teaching, part clinic to deepen touch skills. 

A relaxed teaching clinic with Sage Hayes, SEP, LMT, craniosacral practitioner

Tune into your hands and body in service of therapeutic touch work with your clients.  

We'll focus on tending to relational coherence, the potency of healing potential available and understanding the rhythm of the nervous system.

Wherever you are in your somatic practice, this clinic will support you to go deeper, attune more clearly and enable systems shifts with your clients.

Group case consult credit available for beginning and intermediate SE students.

(more about Sage’s background here:

Space limited to 8, cost $85

Register here:

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Creating Safer Spaces - Webinar
7:00 PM19:00

Creating Safer Spaces - Webinar

A webinar with Sage Hayes and Lisa Newell

Register here:

How do we know if the spaces we are offering are actually safe for various groups of folks?

Let’s explore power and identity in the therapeutic relationship. Creating safer spaces is a webinar, dialogue, and exploration for practitioners to learn about how to practice creating safer spaces for marginalized communities through language, understanding, scope of practice, and healing spaces.

We as practitioners can't define or truly know what safety is for someone else; we can educate ourselves and each other and develop skills and practices to help our clients feel more welcome and comfortable and not have to deal with some of the common forms of oppression that they have to navigate in the world. We do this by exploring our own relationship to our identities, privileges, and power.

We can work toward creating a space where folks of color, queer folks, etc can be comfortable enough to set down some of the layers of protection they have to put up out in the world. With practice, we can even potentially hold space for clients to work through the oppression they experience even if it is not the same type of oppression we experience.

Registration link:

Webinar limited to 13 participants

Cost: $35, register here:

Co-led and facilitated by and Lisa J. Newell, Holistic Somatic Therapist, BS, BHSP, CMT, SEP, RM and Sage Hayes, SEP, BS, LMT of Embodied Liberation. Both Sage and Lisa are Somatic Experiencing Practitioners and senior assistants with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute.

Lisa (she/her) is a somatic therapist and community organizer living and working in Brattleboro, VT. She is white, queer, and from a working class, Italian American family. Lisa identifies as a Healing Facilitator, with 20 years of professional experience specializing in trauma recovery. She brings body-based and healing practices into racial justice organizing spaces, seeing Tenderness as a revolutionary act. You can read more about Lisa at

Sage Hayes (she/he/they) is a somatic practitioner interesting in creating conditions to heal collective trauma. Sage is white, trans, queer, adopted and has 25 years experience as a social justice educator, systemic constellation facilitator, community dance DJ and has a private practice in somatic healing for 12 years. Sage is a senior assistant for the Somatic Experiencing Institute Sage and is studying family and systemic constellation work. Sage is currently working on multiple projects which incorporate healing, social transformation, community building and global evolution. For more about Sage, go to

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Deepening Therapeutic Touch and Embodied Presence Workshop
to Apr 28

Deepening Therapeutic Touch and Embodied Presence Workshop

  • Inner Ocean Healing Centre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

integrative 2+ day workshop for somatic practitioners who are ready to deepen therapeutic touch skills and potency in your work.  

This workshop will invite you to tune into your hands and body in service of therapeutic touch work with your clients.  There will be a focus on tending to relational coherence, the potency of healing potential available and understanding the rhythm of the nervous system.

Wherever you are in your SE practice, this workshop will support you to go deeper, attune more clearly and enable systems shifts with your clients.

Topics Covered:

  • Presence & potency

  • Tending to relational coherence

  • Tuning into the organic and emergent treatment plan of the body

  • Creating conditions for healing

  • Working with adaptive patterns in the body through touch

  • The speed and rhythm of emergent change in the body

  • Listening to layers of the body 

  • Intuition and finding the sweet spot of holistic transformation

  • Practitioner bias & ‘fixing’ habits versus open awareness


POTLUCK at 5771 Cunard Street, Suite #207  

Friday April 26th, 6-8:30pm

WORKSHOP at Inner Ocean Healing Centre 

5991 Spring Garden Rd., Suite 635, Halifax, NS

Saturday April 27th, 9:30am-5:30pm 

Sunday April 28th, 9:30am-4:30pm 

Snacks and tea provided.

Registration & Price:  

Cost:  $350 CAD, deposit of 175 CAD to secure your spot!


Local Organizers:

Lois Hare, Elizabeth Berlasso, Theresa MacClean & Judy Melanson

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Embodied Facilitation:  Tending the Group Nervous System
9:00 AM09:00

Embodied Facilitation: Tending the Group Nervous System

Embodied Facilitation explores infusing neurobiological theory, trauma-informed practices and intuitive mindfulness into our facilitation practice.

The intention of this workshop is to support facilitators and group leaders to learn more about how to tend to collective nervous system as a means to support overall group cohesion, connectivity and productiveness.

Creating group conditions which enhance a felt-sense of safety is essential. Trauma-informed facilitation involves intuitive mindfulness based in neurobiological understanding and learning practices for responding to trauma and reactivity.

This workshop invites facilitators into a deeper sense of your own embodied presence, flexible physiology and thoughtful leadership.

Workshop focus areas:

  • Learn to facilitate in ways that tend the group nervous system and deepen participant experience

  • Enhance your facilitator embodiment, presence and flexible leadership

  • Coherence and regulation: Tending the relational field (cultivating safety and connection)

  • Neurobiology 101 - understanding survival mode, reactivity, habits and trauma

  • Tracking collective capacity and thresholds

  • Building somatic capacity to work with reactivity - within yourself and others

Registration: TBA

Location: Portland, ME - TBA

9am-4:30pm, bring your own lunch (12-1pm)


Early bird: $150 (before May 1)

Payment plan available - email

After May 1: $175

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