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Embodied Facilitation: Tending the Group Nervous System

Embodied Facilitation explores infusing neurobiological theory, trauma-informed practices and intuitive mindfulness into our facilitation practice.

The intention of this workshop is to support facilitators and group leaders to learn more about how to tend to collective nervous system as a means to support overall group cohesion, connectivity and productiveness.

Creating group conditions which enhance a felt-sense of safety is essential. Trauma-informed facilitation involves intuitive mindfulness based in neurobiological understanding and learning practices for responding to trauma and reactivity.

This workshop invites facilitators into a deeper sense of your own embodied presence, flexible physiology and thoughtful leadership.

Workshop focus areas:

  • Learn to facilitate in ways that tend the group nervous system and deepen participant experience

  • Enhance your facilitator embodiment, presence and flexible leadership

  • Coherence and regulation: Tending the relational field (cultivating safety and connection)

  • Neurobiology 101 - understanding survival mode, reactivity, habits and trauma

  • Tracking collective capacity and thresholds

  • Building somatic capacity to work with reactivity - within yourself and others

Registration: TBA

Location: Portland, ME - TBA

9am-4:30pm, bring your own lunch (12-1pm)


Early bird: $150 (before May 1)

Payment plan available - email

After May 1: $175