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Justice in the Body: Anchoring liberation and metabolizing oppression

Justice in the Body Webinar with Sage Hayes



We’re at the beginning of building an embodied repertoire geared towards metabolizing the trauma of oppression and anchoring liberation in our bodies (individual and collective).

In this webinar we’ll explore the hard-wired survival strategies of our body (fawn, flight, fight and freeze) which are chronically triggered for people who endure oppression. The trauma of chronic oppression can create an unsustainable and understandable reactivity in the body that can show up as anxiety, depression and collapse.

We’ll look at individual and collective strategies to create conditions which metabolize trauma through the body, powerfully and thoughtfully. Anchoring our liberation and metabolizing deep trauma often expands our felt-sense of resilience, deepens our embodied agency and gives us a stronger sense of safety in the world.

We’ll also look at the flip side - how internalized superiority + privilege is a somatic state of unsustainable fear which takes proactive + embodied mojo to metabolize.

This webinar will be recorded and sent out after.

Cost: $85 (sliding scale available, just email

About Sage Hayes (pronouns: she/he/they):
Sage is a long time explorer of liberation neurobiology + transformation. Integrating modalities of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, somatic experiencing, systemic constellations and liberation psychologies, their work spans the micro to the collective. Sage dives into co-creating conditions for something new to happen with and beyond our fight, flight or freeze responses in service of quantum holistic (r)evolution.

Sage is a senior teaching assistant with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and teaches additional workshops therapeutic touch work, somatics and social justice and accessing the resilience in our lineage.

Sage is a white anti-racist, adopted, trans/queer, somatic practitioner and teacher.

Cost: $85

This webinar will be recorded and you will get a link for it.

More about Sage: