Deepening Practice

This workshop is for somatic practitioners looking to deepen the following skills:

Topics covered:

  • The essence + intelligence of healing
  • Developing and practicing strong perception + intuition
  • Utilizing timing, space and the non-verbal cues
  • Contact, touch, safety and depth work
  • Love at the center of your practice
  • Embodied resonance and support 
  • Trauma and transformation

 This workshop is experiential, you will have the opportunity to practice what we learn class, ask questions, push growth edges and expand your abilities.

This workshop is offered in a 1 or 2 day format.  

Testimonials from our last group:

   Deepening Practice Practitioners

Deepening Practice Practitioners

"Deepening Practice offered me the opportunity to explore the roots of what I want to offer to the world. This self-inquiry was paired with the space to connect in significant ways with others engaged in conscious work. Not only did I deepen and clarify my intentions around my work, but at the same time I was offered chances to engage in the work I want to do. The group's support and positive mirror helped me to manifest things that I could not have foreseen at the start of our meetings."   - Cathleen Miller

"To meet every week with an inspired group of people who used each other for more fuel and accountability to move towards what we love and are called to do was a blessing. Sage facilitated this process with love and true consideration for all of us. Her humanity and compassion runs deep." -Kellie Ryan