in between the lines

Presence & resonance, attunement & intuition

june 18, 2017, 9:30am-3:30pm

Granary Room @ The Bessborough Centre

cork, ireland

This workshop is for therapists, bodyworkers, movement/yoga teachers and healers who want to incorporate and deepen understanding and skill development of presence, resonance, attunement and intuition.  What happens 'in between the lines' in a session or class is just as important than what is visible (story, emotion, triggers, etc) and often not as easy to notice.  

The four foundational skills presented in this workshop can bring somatic healing work into the transformational realms of systems change.  This workshop presents theory, skills and experiential activities which build on and bolster the modalities already in your repertoire.  It's designed for practitioners of types who are looking to align with greater efficiency in practice, bolster quantum impact and to assist clients to go beyond where they 'think' possible.

workshop content

A client's essence is the source, intelligence and vitality which lives underneath all the problems and symptoms which they present.   As the tide flows in and out, essence remains infallible to its truth and wellness, ever consistent to a non-dualistic wholeness .  It is this infinite source of congruence which is present in each one of our clients, often covered by unconscious beliefs and somatic strategies of survival.

One of the most important jobs we have as practitioners is to cultivate our own belief in the essence of our clients.  To understand fully that health, vitality and wellness live in the deepest part of each our clients, that underneath it all, their essence remains whole and unwavering.   Essence is real and it holds a wisdom outside of the mind which collaborates brilliantly with the skills of presence, resonance, attunement and intuition.  That by simply knowing deeply this to be true becomes the dynamic condition for the most transformational work possible.  


- Resonance -

What happens when we 'resonate' with our clients? Resonance is the invisible vibrational connectivity generated between client and practitioner.

By definition, resonance is when two different sounds from two different instruments become synchronized. Inviting and cultivating resonance sets the stage for essence and vitality to come to the forefront while at the same time holding space for any 'problems' and trauma presented.

The dance of resonance can invite to a clients nervous system into curiosity and receptivity state versus flight/fight, which then creates conditions for receiving helpful and attuned support from you as the practitioner.   

- presence -

As healing practitioners, utilizing our presence can be an art form of the highest calling. It is simultaneously about paying attention, holding our awareness towards the essence of each client while also tending to adaptive incongruences on multiple levels.  Here and now presence the first tool in working with trauma which is overwhelmed energy stuck in the past.

Grounding, embodiment and mindfulness assist us as practitioners and our clients to notice what is ever emerging in a session and utilize the present moment as a pivotal resource for stimulating the self-organizing application of organic medicine within our clients.

This workshop honors presence as the greatest tool vibrational medicine has to offer. 

- intuition -

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively.  It's knowing something without knowing 'why' you know it.  Intuition can play a quiet but massive role in a session. Presence, resonance and attunement actively set the stage for intuitive and helpful information to emerge spontaneously from the unconscious intelligence and essence of our clients.

Intuition can offer key insights which can illuminate what needs tending to, a memory which has been in inaccessible but is relevant to healing or a creative impulse about how to support a client in the moment.


- attunement -

Attunement, or emotional and physiological connectedness, can be an essential and transformational tool within a session. Attunement is being “in tune” with your clients emotional state, being “in it” with them, and your client feeling that (s)he/they are understood and seen in that moment.

Attunement has a lot to do with our abilities in non-verbal communication.  In fact, most of our most 'attuned' communication with our clients can be non-verbal.  It is in these nuances of attuned connectivity that deeper aspects of trauma can be tended to with great care. 

     Workshop Skills & Practice

This training will help you develop skills, knowledge and framework needed to deepen your confidence and create transformational impact with your clients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Fundamentals of transformational healing
  • Theory and experiential exercises working with presence, resonance, attunement & intuition
  • How to simultaneously hold a clients highest wellness and vitality while working trauma, stress and overwhelm
  • How to create conditions for and connect with your intuition

Workshop Details:

  • Location:  Granary Room at The Bessborough Centre, Blackrock, Cork City, Ireland

  • Schedule:  
    • Tuesday July 18th - Arrive at 9am, workshop begins at 9:30am-3:30pm
    • Lunch 12:30-1:30pm - Lunch is not included, please bring your own or restaurants in close proximity 
  • Workshop cost:  $85 euros 
  • Sliding scale available, email sage@embodiedliberation.com for more info

*** if you would like to bring this workshop to your area:  

This workshop is designed for 1-22 days.  It can also be an 1 evening/1 day format.  

  • Sliding scale spots are available

  • Ideal group size is 12-20
  • Availability varies, I am on the road quite a bit so can often include a workshop like this into my travels.
  • If interested in bringing this workshop to your community of practitioners, send me an email:  sage@embodiedliberation.com