Embodied Leadership

“Leadership and embodiment are inseparable.”  - Deb Bopsie


embodied presence

Embodied presence is the dynamic and ongoing exploration of being in your body as a leader. Building internal and external potency and presence is a journey, one which includes vulnerability, uncertainty and also deepening our relationship to pleasure and joy.

Questions we explore: What drops you into your sense of presence? What takes you out of your body? How do you help increase a strong sense of embodied strength within yourself and with the folks you’re working with?


trauma-informed practices

Cultivating a trauma-informed practice is a helpful necessity for leaders working at any level of community.

Trauma-informed practice involves intuitive mindfulness based in neurobiological understanding. It’s understanding and recognizing why learning to create group conditions which enhance a felt-sense of safety is essential. And it’s learning best practices for responding to how trauma may be showing up in the communities you work with.

We’ll look at the neurobiology of leadership, capacity building and the impacts of trauma. We explore the overlaps of a ‘results-based leadership’ style with a trauma-informed approach.


conditions for liberation

We’ll explore how to lean towards individual and collective liberation by building on already present coherence, resilience and survival skills. Even with the current climate of disorganization and overwhelm, all communities have indigenous practices to stay well, balanced and endure.

We will look to how to enhance and support these practices, how to breath fresh life into them and how to support the necessary restoration within ourselves and with each other.

This Embodied Leadership training offers neurobiological theory, trauma-informed practice and intuitive mindfulness. The intention of this training is to support participants to live more fully into embodied presence, flexible physiology and thoughtful leadership. This experiential learning journey offers an “embodied” approach to presence and leading utilizing your whole self.

Module one

Day 1

  • Embodiment.  What is it and how can our leadership be infused with it?

  • Presence and centered leadership with room for the wobble

  • Coherence and regulation

  • Neurobiology 101 - understanding survival mode, reactivity, habits and trauma

Day 2

  • Building embodied potency

  • Capacity and thresholds

  • Tuning into the coherent field. Many channels of listening

  • Tending the relational field (cultivating safety and connection) and co-regulation

  • Building somatic capacity to work with reactivity - within yourself and others

Module two

Day 3

  • Vulnerability and courage. The practice of heart-centered leadership.

  • Intuitive listening, the story underneath the story

  • Tracking safety and relational power  

Day 4

  • How old trauma shows up to be seen and/or to sabotoge - what it looks like and how to work with it

  • Boundaries - Yes, No and Uncertainties

  • Merging versus joining

  • Listening to the future - how evolutionary solutions live in the future and how to listen for them

Module three

Day 5

  • Rest and restoration as strategies of sustainability

  • Time and rhythm - does your life have flow? Exploring conditions which support flow and embodiment.

  • Practicing sustainability and support

Day 6: 

  • Creating conditions to support collective healing and liberation

  • Trauma-informed practices to use in your work

  • Exploring