Resilience and Reality. 

Understanding and preventing vicarious trauma.

Front lines work often demands relentless energy, a brave heart and tireless soul.  Economic and social inequalities generate massive patterns of collective and individual trauma, and also tremendous resilience.  The greater the exposure and concentration to overwhelming cases, the higher the risk of burnout, vicarious and secondary trauma.  

When your agency is someones last hope for services, how can you do your best to show up and provide quality care while not losing balance or compromising your health?

        In this workshop we will:

  • Introduce a social-physiological definition of trauma and resilience 
  • Learn how trauma/chronic stress impacts our health
  • Deepen understanding of vicarious and secondary trauma
  • Identify inner resources + resilience strategies to counter vicarious trauma
  • Explore what it means to cultivate and maintain wellness amidst intensity 
  • Tools for working with trauma [Self-care, self-awareness and boundaries]

This workshop is available in a half-day or full-day format.