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Collective and personal healing

Seeing clients at 12 Revere Street, Portland, Maine - 10/31, 11/1, 11/7, 11/9                                                                                  sage@embodiedliberation.com * 207.939.7699                            


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Ongoing Projects

  • Presented at United States Association for Body Psychotherapy Annual Conference on Group Application of Somatic Experiencing with the Trans Community
  • Assisting Berns Galloway at Somatic Experiencing Training- Perth, Australia, Southbury, CT, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Chicago, IL
  • Teaching YoGay - An all-levels community yoga class at Portland Power Yoga

Workshops AVAILABLE:

  • Wellness Amidst Traumatic Times: Understanding and Preventing Vicarious Trauma
  • Deepening Practice - a workshop for practitioners to deepen touch skills, intuition, resonance and transformative results
Sage Hayes, SEP, RYT, LMT

Sage Hayes, SEP, RYT, LMT