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2018 somatic experiencing & bodywork opportunities:

  • February:
    • Skype sessions available
    • Writing retreat, Orcacoke, NC
    • Portland, Maine sessions, Feb. 24-Mar 3
  • March:
    • Melbourne Australia, SE Adv II, Workshop with Plan to Thrive
    • Perth, SE Intermediate II/III
  • April:
    • SE Advanced I, Durham, NC
    • SE Basics in Silver Spring Maryland
    • Skype sessions available
  • May: 
    • Skype sessions
  • June
    • Deepening Elements of Therapeutic Touch Workshop, Cork, Ireland
    • European Somatic Experiencing Conference, Potsdam, Germany - Presenting Somatic Practice with Marginalized Communities

skype available, please email me to schedule at 

  • Somatic Experiencing & Coaching
  • Somatic Experiencing Session Provider: Approved for ALL levels for both personal sessions and individual case consultations



Recently published article in Massage Magazine:

"These 4 Essential Skills Will Help You Practice Trauma Informed Massage"



Provisionally accepted, Frontiers Journal In Psychiatry & Mental Health,

Somatic Experiencing® Informed Therapeutic Group for the Care and Treatment of Biopsychosocial Effects on Gender Diverse Identity

What folks say about working with Sage:

"Sage has a heart as big as the ocean. What more can I say.... she lives breathes walks and talks SE and it is obvious."
"Big fan. Very contagious energy. I felt like it was more than just listening, but also a whole body experience."
"In the 29 years that I've been living with that trauma, I had never felt so safe and held with the experience, I'm still feeling blown away by our session and your ability to be with me.  So much gratitude!!!"
"I love working with you. I love your openness and humility and measured thoughtful responses. I'm glad to have you as a kindred spirit on this path at the same time."
"Sage was awesome, l made connections that still surprise me."
"I love how lively and spontaneous Sage is, and really valued the safety aspect for me of Sage's gender queerness. I felt profoundly seen and heard."
"Sage embodies SE in her cells, heart, and beautiful connection and sharing. She is always genuinely interested in what I say and has helpful relevant ideas. She is not in a rush and has no agenda but to share the space and see what arises."
"Provides a lovely and safe container and has a great SE style. Very sensitive to my needs."
"Sage creates such a safe and happy environment, where I feel fully accepted and safe."


Resonance, attunement & Intution

Resonance, attunement and intuition can be powerful and transformative tools for somatic practitioners, bodyworkers, therapists and helping professionals.

This workshop frames each tool within the context of supporting deep systems change within the body, psyche and spirit of our clients.  This workshop presents an integral model which clarifies the role of each tool (resonance, intuition, attunement + presence) and offers experiential theory and activities for cultivating this very powerful skill-set.  Facilitated by Sage Hayes, SEP, LMT, RYT, BS and can be presented in multiple formats, from an intro up to three days.

Detailed workshop description here.  




Creating Safer Spaces

Safer Spaces is a workshop, dialogue, and exploration for therapists, medical workers, bodyworkers, and other helping professionals to learn about how to create safer spaces for marginalized communities through our language, understanding, scope of practice, and healing spaces as practitioners. What does it mean to create safer space in your practice or studio? How do we make 'All Welcome' a reality?   This workshop is co-facilitated by Sage Hayes, SEP, LMT, RYT, BS and Lisa Newell, BS, BHSP, CMT, SEP, RM.  Detailed workshop description here.  

Sage Hayes

  Sage Hayes,SEP, RYT, LMT

Sage Hayes,SEP, RYT, LMT

contact sage:


Sage offers a unique integrated approach to therapeutic change and transformation. Offering Somatic Experiencing (SE), craniosacral therapy and bodywork. Sage facilitates thoughtful reflection and embodied change particular to each client's intentions.  

Somatic Experiencing, craniosacral therapy and intuition are favorite modalities in my practice.  They identify places within the body-mind relationship that are stuck in habits which are not serving you and then gently restore them back into coherence with a greater sense of health, choice and peace.  

Mission of my work:  Thoughtfully support healing individual + collective trauma, foster relational trust and connections, reduce fear and increase peace.  More about Sage's background here. 

Current Projects:

  • Assisting Somatic Experiencing trainings:  Perth & Melbourne, Australia + Advanced Level in Golden, Colorado + San Diego, CA
  • Somatic Experiencing Introduction Workshop Presenter
  • Workshop facilitator:  Creating Safer Spaces for Helping Professionals, In Between the Lines - A workshop on resonance, attunement and intuition
  • Private practice based on travel schedule 
  • Interviews for Embodied Liberation are all up and viewable on this site.   Currently scheduling the 2nd round of interviews!!!

Look for It, Pecha Kucha, Portland, Maine. April 2017.