Justice in the Body

Metabolizing oppression and anchoring liberation

  • Explore hard-wired survival strategies of our body (fawn, flight, fight and freeze) which are chronically triggered for people who endure oppression

  • Understand how the trauma of chronic oppression can create an unsustainable and understandable reactivity in the body that can show up as anxiety, depression and collapse

  • Look at individual and collective strategies to create conditions which metabolize trauma through the body

  • Anchor liberation through embodied resilience practices

  • Practices to metabolize oppression trauma

  • Unpack somatics of privilege

Justice in the Body is an invitation for ALL people and systems into embodied inquiry towards illumination, reconciliation and resolution of historic and current social and economic trauma.  Identifying these broader influences is a necessary process towards understanding why things are the way they are, inside and out.  We can and must shift our vantage point from our mental health and life 'issues' being merely personal and isolated towards an enormously broader view of social-environmental influences.  

Paying attention to how sexism, abuse, homophobia, racism, classism and other products of our 'dominance culture' are internalized into our bodies can create entryways to unpacking the affects of ongoing, repetitive social oppression on our state of health and wellness.  In this light, we can begin to detoxify, externalize and discharge more 'survival' adrenaline which has become locked up in our physiology and come into much deeper states of health, balance and freedom within, and with each other.  Utilizing these understandings, Sage educates clients about social trauma and the body, normalizes depression and anxiety within a nervous system context, and provides tools for self-regulation and physiological empowerment.