There is a moment of conception and a moment of birth, but between them is a long period of gestation.
— Jonas Salk
Go to the ocean, go all the way.

Go to the ocean, go all the way.


Journey to Vision

Make your vision a reality!  

Announcing 9-month Somatic Coaching Journey to Vision which includes one-on-one & collective support to bring your vision to fruition.  

This is a special opportunity to work with support, community, gentle accountability and help to keep your momentum going on towards your vision, passion and most relevant desires in the moment!

A few more spots are available for inspired practitioners, visionaries and those who have a project idea (or need to get to the next level on a vision).  

Imagine what we can accomplish with focused support, collective love and gentle accountability!  

You can focus on any aspect of your life - work, health, love or whatever the vision is you're most passionate about activating!  


What's included - 9 months * May 2017-january 2017:

  • Envision, build out and follow through on 9 month plan with goals, action steps and intention
  • Initial 45 minute introduction on Skype in April
  • 1 hour long monthly Skype/Facetime session (one-on-one with Sage)
  • Private Facebook group with other bold visionaries:  
    • Receive support
    • Bounce ideas
    • Generate collective energy toward your vision
    • Weekly prompts for inspiration, support & community building
  • Full directory listing in The Hive Directory
  • Periodic inspirational videos from me shared within the FB group
  • One extra session per month available at $60/hour

Amplify your vision * Build community * Support each other to change the world

Self-doubt is often the biggest obstacle.  With generative support within community we can go so much further than we can imagine!   Sign up today.

Total cost:  $125 month * Questions?  Email me at  

Sign me up for Journey to Vision!

*Upon sign-up you will be sent your first Journey to Vision assignment which will include establishing clear vision, goals and timeline.  

** Attention Somatic Experiencing students - these sessions can count towards your personal session requirements at all levels!


the journey

Month 1 - conception

We work together to imagine and lay out a 9 month plan for your vision.  Launch time!                        

month 3 - vibrational success

Success builds on acknowledgment, gratitude and internalizing the embodied experience of it.  

Month 5 - intuition 

Bolstering inner strength through tuning deeper into inner knowing. Attentiveness to our inner world and the signs appearing shows us the way. 

month 7 - what's your edge?

This month we focus in on a 'growth edge' you have that hangs out in the background but needs some attention and care.

month 9 - fruition

We acknowledge and celebrate all which has been accomplished and honor all which hasn't on our 9 month journey.  We mark our achievements, ways we have grown and how things are different now.

Month 2 - nourishment

What practices support us to keep momentum going?  This month we'll create a nourishment plan for body, mind and spirit.

month 4 - healing doubt

Nothing you want cannot be.  It all has the ability of becoming manifest.  Clearing the doubt.

month 6 -aligning the compass

At this point we take a step back to revisit your initial plan - we review, check in and re-align what's necessary towards the finish line.     

month 8 - last push

Here we take time to organize any extra resources necessary - internal and external - to give a final push towards your vision.

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(We begin May 1)